Network Stumbler [o]
The software and the scene

The New York Times [n]
An article on the mem

Deadtech [o]
A wardriving event and info


"War driving is the usage of 802.11 wireless ethernet cards and a car, bike, skateboard, or other vehicle to cruise around logging wireless access points." [deadtech] A GPS and a good 2.4Ghz antenna enhances the experience.

"The networks, usually given the geeky generic name of 802.11, typically extend from 300 to 1,000 feet. This means that their transmissions can extend far beyond the walls of a small office or home. The most popular is 802.11b, also called 'Wi-Fi.'" [

Get a network card (~50.000HUF in Hungary, already built in into the latest laptop models) and find out if you can get free internet/network access from the street!