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Office of Reclamation and Restoration (O.R.R.) - founded to document the history of the Horizon Research Institute. Check these pages for general chronological and philological information. [ORR]

Conference Series - we create our own scientific discourse. First in the Great Masters topic - a double conference on Peter Greenaway and Hajas Tibor. [PGK] [HTK]

Project Ovis - a thousand ways to change the city. From government action to guerilla activity. A collection of ideas and ideals. Join the movement! - Reclaim the city. [o]

Gardelanker--collection - artworks from the attic of Loch Gergely [o]

Operation David A. Klinsky - which attempts the resurrection of the Corpus which belongs to a great thinker who was accidentally given over to oblivion. [bibliography] [forum]

UnderGarden Ambient Party Project [aka Brink of Being] the biweek party is a laboratory for collaborations between DJs, musicians, visual artists, performers and the inspired audience. With no set schedule it attracts the elite of the party scene, whose free-style co-operation make the night truly unique, destablishing the border between performer and audience. During the course of its history the party was a major influence on the way party heads think about festival culture. [o]

kozminauta - music page. The netification of the one-man epicurean division. [o]

The HRI fanzine series is at its third issue presently. The first, Embar, was complied by the Arkadist Circle, the avantgardist division, with the sole purpose of populizing the fae people and their radical difference. The second issue, entitled Úri Radikál [Gentlemanly Radical] attempted a suicide on literary theory and the political. The third issue, Közel-Kelet Népe online [People of the Middle East online ], was an almost collective effort of the HRI, prepared in a single day at the Fékezett Hangzású Alternatív Média Fesztivál [Retarded Sonority Alternative Media Festival]. Adressing issues like the II. Gulf War and the roots of green ideology, the fanzine is the most (a)political work of the HRI to date. [pdf]

Das Konzeptualisches Opfer is a series of plein-air plans for counter-reality activity. The legal status is copyleft: use freely but credit. The list can be seen as an extension of this very projects page, as the ideas layed down in the document are to be realised by the HRI crew in due time. [o]

Peter Greenaway Society contributed to the research and popularisation of the works of image-maker Peter Greenaway. Best known as a film director Greenaway also works as a painter, curator, storyteller and theoretician. He is currently working on a monstrous multimedia project entitled The Tulse Luper Suitcases. The society is under registration. [w]

Miklós Szentkuthy Society contributed to the research and popularisation of the works of Hungarian graphoman Szentkuthy Miklós and other shamefully neglected fin-de-siecle Hungarian writers such as Hamvas Béla and Szerb Antal. The society is under foundation.

PsyTech Culture is an umbrella endevour for movements connecting psychedelic culture with technoculture "to forge the uncreated conscience of my race" - with the words of Stephen Dedalus. The focal development is currently an on-the-fly imagination projector: the Daily Iconograph. [o]

Causual Biennale Party Project held at the dusk of each academic semester, this posh party intends to make people come together, providing a platform for the presentation of resent developments of the collective. Magazine, film and record premiers are held on this night semesterly accompanied by photo-exhibitions and late night poetry readings. Improvised literary, acoustic and visual performances enhance the cocktail party, inspiring people to establish new contacts and change ideas. The Biennale is traditionally held at the Museum. [w] [g1] [g2]

Moral Manifesto Project gathers personal moral manifestos to create a collection which could be seen as a causal sample of XXI. century moral thinking. [o]