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The current circle of HI includes, although not restricted to the following individuals:

Barabás Eszter a.k.a. bp - the Great Communicator. Inhaling information and exhaling text, she is the journalist of the crew. Her powers are chiefly concentrated on the pictorial and textual documentation of the Ghetto of Budapest, while she edits and re-edits her grand opus, the Önterapeuta - Ön terapeuta? [Self-Therapeutist - You Therapeutist?]. Her ad-ventures of queer gallantry are the subject matter of fiction, especially her own. [m]

Dunajcsik Mátyás pygmalion - man of letters. His literary work is suprisingly extensive compared to his young age, while his work is widely acknowledged. His scientific interests include the narratives of Proust and Szentkuthy. Moreover, he works as a translator from the English, French and Portuguese tongue. Currently working on the odes of Ricardo Reis and the texts of Marquis de Sade. [w] [m]

Dunajcsik Péter maxigas - organisateur, theoretician. Active in all the fields of inquiry, with a special interest in fictional ontology. Founder of Peter Greenaway Society, founding member of the Hungarian James Joyce Society. While building his academic carrier he is an active webdesigner. [m]

Count Földváry József - artist, performer. While continously working on his poetry he is active in the deconstruction of literary canon, the academic and the political. [m]

kozminauta - DJ, radio presenter. Delivering ambient music at parties and on air, he is responsible for the ultimate chill-out mood. He is currently working on his music. [m] [w] [w]

Loch Gergely a.k.a. loki - musician, composer, writer, researcher. Interested in the literary, visual and acoustic (neo-)avant-garde, he is a most decent interpretator of the works of John Cage and Wassily Kandinsky. Currently undertakes his training as a classical musician. [m] [w]

ninü /ninue/ - a girl of various interests. After mapping the Hungarian 'underground' party scene she developed a keen enthusiasm for postmodern thought and sociology, while preserving her deep engagement with music and physical movement. [m]

Strommer Nora a.k.a. pussylon - cultural commentator. Currently conducting research into the communication between body and technology. Co-founder of Peter Greenaway Society. [m]

Dr. Széplaki Máté - a deconstructionist. As the literary editor and contributor of Radikál and the UniverZoom mag he revolutionises the way we think about the sphere of art.