Horizon Research Institute - Horizont Kutató Intézet

HI is a conglomerate of trespassers working at the very verge of reality. HI is commited to reality research: investigating the way the world comes about. Thus HI concerns itself with the exploration of border situations in culture.

One of the most important intersections include the interconnection of art and science, the fictitious and the real. The aestetic turn in philosophy provides a platform from which most contemporary questions can be adressed. HI gathers artists with various backgrounds and nourishes projects that brake bounderies in a struggle for an extended synthesis.

Concrete fields of focus are

aparty culture the total transformation of reality

bpost-performance counter-reality activities

cthe study of great masters whose work is directly relevant to recent cultural developments

dtranslation and intercultural communication

einter-action of art and politics the way in which the fictitious level of ontology translates into social reality